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API-653 inspector, preferred a retired person, for a small project overseas   4284 Views
Posted: Thursday, February 18, 2021
By: Sentro-Tech

Hello, I am looking for an older or retired person, experienced, who still has a valid API-653 inspector certificate, to travel with me overseas, well... its to the Holy Land...! to do a survey of visual inspection of 10 storage tanks.

There is no need to do a full inspection, but just a visual review of the tanks and their documents, with no equipment or instruments.

Based on the visual review of the tank and its documents, tell us what types of examinations are recommended to do - for example:
Ultrasonic spot, Ultrasonic Scan, Liquid Penetrant, Penetrating Oil, Magnetic Particle, Radiography, Magnetic Flux Scan, Vacuum Box, Tracer Gas, etc..

You will not need to do or supervise any of the above examinations, but only to provide us your recommendation and a written brief review of your impression of the tanks current condition visual and documents.

The whole trip should take 1 week, but if you want to continue traveling there as a tourist, thats possible too.

Please contact me for more details: 916 690 2230, thank you.


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