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Posted: Saturday, May 20, 2017
By: Rick

Best Aire, LLC
3648 Rockland Circle
Millbury, OH 43447-9804 USA
Phone: 419-726-0055, Fax: 419-726-0623


Best Aire, LLC, a Gardner Denver company has immediate openings for Service Technicians at our Toledo, OH, Kalamazoo, MI and Indianapolis, IN service centers. We are the Gardner Denver industrial air compressor and positive displacement blower distributor for the Ohio, Michigan and Indiana territories. We also provide extensive service on centrifugal and reciprocating air and gas compressors and centrifugal air and gas blowers that require service nation-wide.

Successful candidates will provide service, installation, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance for air and gas compressors, dryers and other, related auxiliary equipment and systems. A strong work ethic and excellent customer service skills are required in addition to a clear driving record. Travel and overnight stays are required, as needed. Individuals qualifying for this position must also be self-directed and have excellent organizational, communications and problem-solving skills.

Required qualifications include:

- High school diploma or GED.
- Technical training in mechanical and electrical areas and strong mechanical and electrical troubleshooting skills.
- Proficient in computers skills related to the Microsoft Office Suite of products including strong skills in Excel, Word and Outlook.
Desired qualifications include:

1. Repair, rebuild and startup commissioning of rotary screw, centrifugal and
reciprocating air compressors up to and including 3,000 hp.
2. Repair, rebuild and startup commissioning of positive displacement and
centrifugal blowers and vacuum pumps up to and including 1,000 hp.
3. Repair, rebuild and startup commissioning of refrigerated air dehydration
4. Intermediate knowledge of programmable logic controllers PLC.
5. Under the Supervision or instructions of a Controls Engineer, the ability to
troubleshoot and replace PLC modules, printed circuit boards and other PLC-
related devices.
6. Thorough knowledge of Electricity and electrical controls including ability to
read ladder-logic diagrams for machine controls, test, troubleshoot and
replace field devices such as transmitters, pressure switches, RTDs, relays,
7. Ability to Supervise and train other Field Service Technicians.
Best Aire Compressor Services, Inc.
3648 Rockland Circle, Millbury, OH 43447-9804
Ph: 419 726-0055 800 468-7484 / Fax: 419 726-0623
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8. Ability to leak check, evacuate and re-charge refrigeration compressors such
as those on refrigerated air dryer systems.
9. Universal CFC Certification.

Experience base expectation:

1. 5 to 7 years experience in the tear-down, re-build, re-assembly, repair and
installation of rotating equipment such as air compressors, centrifugal pumps,
blowers, fans, etc.
2. 3 to 5 years experience in tear-down, re-build, re-assembly, repair and
installation of rotating equipment such as air compressors, centrifugal pumps,
blowers, fans, etc.
3. 2-5 years experience with tear-down, re-build, re-assembly, repair and
installation of refrigerated or desiccant type compressed air or gas dehydration
4. 2-5 years experience troubleshooting and repair of machinery electrical
control systems including PLC-based systems.

Best Aire, LLC offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits program including health, vision and dental insurance, 401K, paid holidays, vacation and both short and long term disability coverage.

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